“Grave fears” for missing Sorrento fishermen

[Fictitious Journalism Coursework]

Police hold “grave fears” for three men missing in freezing conditions overnight, after they failed to return from a fishing trip off Sorrento late yesterday.

The fishermen were due to return to Sorrento at midnight last night. (Image: Travel Victoria/Creative Commons)

Sorrento firefighters Fred Smith, John Taylor and Bill Smith were fishing in a fibreglass runabout and were due to return to shore at midnight last night.

A rescue search was mounted at dawn after Police were alerted to the missing men at 4 am. As of 7.30 am this morning, the search efforts have been unsuccessful.

Due to “the bad weather conditions reported overnight”, Inspector Rod Cathall of Victoria Police was “very pessimistic” regarding the men’s survival.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, last night was the coldest August night in Victoria for 23 years, with an air temperature of zero and water temperature of four degrees Celsius.

Bureau Spokesperson, Hayden Butler, commented that “It was the kind of weather that kills people.”

The three men were actively involved in their local community and planned to play in the tennis finals next Saturday.

(This article is a fictitious piece for my Journalism course.)


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